This site was created to connect business owners and professionals to reputable and talented artists and designers in the state of Wisconsin. When you are starting a business or growing it there are many things you will need help with. You will need a logo, business cards and other graphics that will showcase what you do. If you are a restaurant owner you will need images of your culinary creations to showcase on your website. Do you have a waiting room or meeting space with blank walls? Find original artwork or prints to create a unique ambiance for your guests.

I want to bring people together and keep the creative talent in our wonderful state of Wisconsin. Many artists and designers feel the need to move out of state to the West or East Coast to make a living off of their talent. That ends here. This site is meant to bring people together creating bonds and helping to grow and establish our art community.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about the mission of this website and thank you for making a new connection!


the wisconsin art connect