The Vision

The arts have been a part of my life since I can remember. My parents were hobby photographers as well as my grandfather. Having the opportunity to grow up in beautiful Door County helped continue that interest. Door County is a vibrant community filled with artisans of all kinds.

After living in Portland, Oregon for fifteen years I felt the call to come back to my roots. I missed the simplicity and beauty of where I had grown up. Coming back to a smaller city did prove to have it's challenges. I was accustomed to a city that had open arms for artists and it was easy to connect with other professionals. Where was the artist community here and why was it so hard to connect with like minded individuals?

After I had attended a couple of the Catalyst Art Events I learned that there was a group of people who were eager to thrive and share their art.  I soon discovered that the area was separated into smaller groups who seemed not willing to expand their network. This is not ok in my book.

I had just moved away from a thriving artistic city where the people were excited to work together, to create, to share knowledge and help out one another.

I felt the need to do something but didn't exactly know what the solution was. Then it just came to me one evening. The idea of connecting artists with each other and more importantly with people who were looking for their services. This is how the Wisconsin Art Connect came to be. After having a success photography studio in Portland, Oregon I wanted to give others the chance for their art to support them but without feeling like they needed to move to the east or west coast.

If you want your community to thrive you need to invest in it. That investment is in the people who live here, in Wisconsin. You are investing in the people who want to support their families, who want to share their passion of painting, photography or music with you.

If this website can connect people then it has been successful. Thank you for helping to keep the connection strong, thank you for supporting the arts.


Meet the Team

The idea and concept is Alexis' but she wouldn't be complete without her trusty sidekicks. With a passion for the arts, Alexis created this website not just for her community but for her small but amazing family. Being able to leave behind something that will continue to grow and touch others is important to her.

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Chief Trouble Maker

She is silly, smart and has a love for the arts. She enjoys painting, drawing and coloring and making a fun big mess while doing it.

the founder


Creator, Founder and Idea Gal

Born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in Sturgeon Bay, WI and currently living in Green Bay, WI. She will rock out to 90s hip hop at anytime and loves a good comedy.



Tough Guy

He may act all tough but he is really a big teddy bear. He's been with Alexis since he was eight weeks old and can be as moody as her at times!