Thank you for visiting The Wisconsin Art Connect. This site is exactly for that, to connect you to local artisans to help you with a personal or professional project. Any questions you have about this website please visit the contact page. Cheers!

How do I list my business?

It's easy. To list your business you simply visit the business directory page and click on "add a listing". It will walk you through the steps and things needed for your submission. Please include your contact information.

What is a Featured Listing?

You can upgrade at anytime to a featured listing in your category. This means you get up to three images to showcase your work and business. You will also be at the top of your category or the first on that people will see. The fee helps cover the costs to maintain the website so we can continue to connect the arts in Wisconsin.

How long before my listing goes live?

Please allow up to three days for your listing to be reviewed and go live on the website. We will contact you directly if we have questions about your listing. If we contact you with questions then the time frame of being listed will be based on how quickly you answer the questions.

Why did my listing get rejected?

While creating this website it was important to have a high level of professionalism from the start. A business takes time to grow and develop. We are looking for businesses that have been operating for a minimum of two years, have a website, have reviews from actual clients/customers on the site, and shows at least three different complete bodies of work.