How to get out of a creative funk

The Struggles of Being An Artisan

Being an artist or designer can be hard. You are a creative person and sometimes you get into a creative low or funk. We have all been there and at different levels. Maybe one day you are simply feeling worn out and tired. Maybe another day you just can’t muster up the creative juices to put a new idea into action. There are many different ways artists and designers experience a “creative funk”. For each of us it is uniquely personal.

Thankfully there are some tips and ideas to help move you out of that creative low faster. The best part is any of these can be implemented immediately. Let’s look at some ideas to help any artist or designer during that time you are feeling in a funk.

Top Five Ways To Get Out of a Creative Funk

   1. Change your scenery. This is an easy and often very effective way to get out of your funk. If you normally work at home then head out to a local coffee shop. There are also a lot of new share spaces that are popping up in every city. You can either rent them monthly or can rent them for the day. It’s a great option to be around other people who are working as well.













2. Revisit your old work. Sometimes you need to take time to look at your old work. See what you have accomplished in the past and it may bring back the ideas you used to solve those problems. You can also read reviews or compliments that you have received. This is a great way to lift your spirits.

3.  Pamper yourself. A lot of times when we work for ourselves we wear many different hats. We do it all and that can take a toll on you. You are more prone to get worn out and stressed out. You often end up working long hours and days to get a project accomplished. So when you feel overwhelmed and stressed it’s time to take some personal time. Some ideas are taking a bath, getting a massage, going for a walk, having a nice glass of wine. Whatever you need to pamper yourself do it.

4. Know it will pass. Sometimes just knowing that you are in a creative lull and that is won’t be like this forever is helpful. Be in the moment, feel what is going on and know that this feeling won’t last forever.

5. Sweat it out. Exercise is great to clear the mind. Get a good sweat in and really push yourself. If you have a hard time motivating on your own to workout then join class. Class workout’s often push you harder as you have an instructor to lead you through it and you are surrounded by other people’s energy.














I hope one of these suggestions helps lift your spirit and creativity. Know that you are not alone and that all artisans go through different phases of a creative funk. Be aware of it when it happens, embrace it and don’t be hard on yourself.

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