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Say hello the the creator of Wi Art Connect and our featured artist. Alexis was born in Milwaukee,Wi and grew up in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Having grown up in beautiful Door County she took an interest in photography at an early age.

While studying fine art at the University of Wisconsin - Stout she found the photography lab. There she spent hours and days processing film and playing with different techniques in the lab.

After college she headed to St Paul, MN. She loved the city but not the weather. After working in a commercial photography lab and fine art gallery the winters proved too harsh for Alexis and she decided to move. The year was 2000 and the destination Portland, Oregon. There she had the opportunity to work for another photographer and she soon entered into the world of digital imagery. Within two years she was launching her own photography business. With other fifteen years of professional shooting, she has always been about the moment. To be able to capture it for others is an honor.

She specializes in photographing people and also has a selection of fine art photos all taken in Wisconsin.

To view her fine artwork and purchase visit the online gallery here: https://www.pictorem.com/profile/Alexis.Arnold

To book a portrait session and see more of her work visit: www.alexisarnoldphotography.com


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