Three Door County, Wisconsin Art Galleries You Must Visit

When you think of art, then you must think of Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is more then a vacation spot during the summer months. The county is filled with peaceful, quiet trails working their way through the woods. You will find beautiful beaches on both the Lake and Bay side for catching some rays. If you have visited more then once you also know that the County is filled with original artwork created by many talented people. To narrow it down to only three galleries was extremely hard to do. Growing up in Door County I pulled from my fond memories of galleries I have visited throughout my lifetime. There are some you just always want to visit.

Here are the top three Door County, Wisconsin art galleries that I recommend visiting the next time you are in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

  1. Francis Hardy Gallery, Ephraim, Wisconsin

The Hardy Gallery is a must-see not just for the art on the inside but for what's happening on the outside of the building. This is a big part of what makes it so special. The whole building is a work of art. The outside of the building is filled with bright colors, names, drawings from people visiting it from all over the world. You will see everyone taking photos in front of it when they visit.

Of course the inside is a quaint gallery that represents talented artists. It is a non-profit gallery that has more then seventy five volunteers to make it all run smoothly. Be sure to take some extra time to enjoy the unique location of the gallery as well. Perched perfectly all by itself on a pier that sneaks out into the water, you will want to spend extra time soaking in the view. If you can go right before sunset and you will get to see the art of Mother Nature as well.








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2. Edgewood Orchard Gallery 

If you have been, you know Door County is about the beautiful landscape. Nestled on eighty acres you will find a stunning gallery that will have you enjoying the scenario while viewing sculptures through out the woods. Edgewood Orchard Galleries is one of the Midwest’s most respected art galleries, known since 1969 for its exhibitions exploring ideas in a wide range of media. Paintings, sculpture, glass, clay, wood and jewelry are all represented.

Stroll through the outdoor sculpture garden and make your way through the barn filled with exceptional artwork. The gallery exhibits 150 artists and the gallery has a nice range of media that is showcases as well. I love that it doesn't focus on one medium but has glass, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, wood and more. You will want to spend the afternoon at Edgewood Gallery and soak all in while listening to the sounds of birds chirping.











































3. The Blue Dolphin House  

The Blue Dolphin House was introduced to me when I was pretty young, I'd have to say grade school age, by my mom. She has an appreciation of the arts and shared that with me as well. What always stood out to me with the Blue Dolphin was the mix of fine art but also functional art pieces for your home. What I mean by functional is glassware, plates for serving your favorite foods, or hand forged metal candle stick holders. Everything within the unique 1860's farmhouse is a work of art. You could spend hours looking at it all.

Besides the functional pieces to decorate and use in your home you will find an array of garden sculptures as you walk outside of the main gallery. This is a great place to find a unique gift for something special in your life. As with the other two the setting is tranquil and you will want to spend time walking thru the gardens and into the other gallery spaces. You will find jewelry, watercolors, stone carvings, fabric multi-media and so much more. It really is a gem located in Ephraim, Wisconsin.

I hope you take the time to travel to the Door Peninsula for the first time or if you have visited to take the time to see these wonderful galleries for the first time. These are my top three Door County, Wisconsin art galleries, what are yours? Leave a comment and share your favorites.

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  1. The Blue Dolphin House is the most uplifting, ahead of the times, current, establishment in Door County. Can you imagine it still has the same hard working and knowledgable owners since the 1960’s. Peg and John are loved by all and have contributed so much of their time and resources to Door County.

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